A tribute to the ones who learnt to accept themselves 

Color, Shape, Height, Weight,

A perfect body, a perfect gait.

With the measuring tools fixed in their minds, how effortlessly indeed do people reject a girl for not making it to the top of the scale of ‘an ideal personality’.

While most of us succumb to society’s standards of beauty, there are some who defy all these shallow boundaries and soar high above, telling everyone what real beauty looks like.

Here’s to the girl with dusky, dark complexion; the complexion that holds in itself the depth of the galaxies, the shimmer of the stars and the calmness of the sunset.

“You are so dark. Try a fairness cream maybe?” she gets this comment all the time. But she still wears her dark skin like an ornament, like a surreal fantasy.

Here’s to the girl with the short height. “Wear heels. Drink Complan! Try hanging yourself?” with all these odd comments, she still walks around comfortably in flat soles.

Her height doesn’t keep her from rising higher than the crowd. Her light doesn’t fade away in a crowd of taller people. Her beauty lies in her confidence.

Here’s to the girl with the crooked teeth, the girl who never stops smiling even when she gets those weird looks from people when they say, “Hey! When are you getting braces? Why didn’t you take care of them when you were younger?”

She has never been hesitant to let her face shine with happiness. She smiles the prettiest at the people, her smile telling the world that nothing’s gonna stop her from being happy.

Here’s to the chubby girl who seems to be the cutest creature on Earth. She is beautiful even when she hears people constantly telling her to lose weight. She is confident in her body. She dances, grooves, jumps and runs like a free soul. She is free from these worldly obligations because she is not afraid of accepting herself.

Here’s to all you beautiful girls out there, to all of you who present beauty in the most extraordinary yet in a simple way. You make looking beautiful so easy, so simple that looking at you makes us fall in love with ourselves. You accept yourself the way you are and not how the people want you to be.

You are not made to fit in.

You are made to stand out.

You are a free bird who is busy in spreading its wings and rising in the sky, shadowing the ones who tried to imprison it.

You are the real definition of an ideal personality.

In the end

Chester Bennington killed himself day before yesterday.
A troubled man killed himself yesterday,

And he left behind a generation numb,

Grieving in denial,

Refusing to believe he could kill himself.

To us, he was never a saviour,

But an empath,

Someone who understood our numbness,

Someone who sung about the pain of living,

About loneliness, insecurities, mortality, and self-loathing,

And, yet, we are shocked that he killed himself.

We heard the pain and desperation in his voice,

But we never heard the subtle cries for help.

We only heard our own feelings sung back to us.

We live in constant fear these days

As we sense death’s looming presence near us,

Hanging like an invisible noose of depression and anxiety,

Tightening around the necks of our loved ones,

Not knowing when the meaninglessness of life will choke them.

And the helplessness of not being able to save them kills us more

A little every day.

What do we do when a friend tells us

He wants to kill himself?

How do we beg him to hold on and wait

Till everything is alright?

How do we convince him

That life is worth living?

That life is worth living with him around?

You tried so hard and got so far.

So, how can you tell us,

It doesn’t even matter in the end?

Can’t you see?

It does.

It matters to us.

You matter to us.

You matter.